Hello! My name is Tyler Hearon.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Ottawa, Canada.

While I haven't always known with certainty that I wanted to be a designer, I have forever held lifelong interests in the arts and culture, and love learning about the animals and natural world that surrounds us.

I believe that within our lives, there is an incredible amount of growth that can be found in the exposure to new and diverse perspectives. Unique and thought-provoking design can both delight and challenge us, helping to create new perspectives, ideas, and discussions in the future.

My Portfolio Projects

Throughout every project and final result, there is value to be found for both the designer and client alike. While clients, peers, and friends can leave pleased, proud to show off their newly designed piece, each designer can then take the lessons that they have learned during the process and begin to apply them moving forward in their career.

Many of the pieces featured here have presented some of these unique challenges and learning opportunities, and cover an array of disciplines, from branding and logowork, to illustration and typography.

My Personal Works

I believe that while we are always growing and learning gradually, sometimes, we must actively push ourselves outside our comfort zones and towards new growth, in order to point ourselves towards broader horizons.

Included here are several personal pieces, completed throughout recent years. While they may not fit cleanly into a particular category of art or design - or even have begun as professional projects - these pieces have both educated me, and allowed me to express new growth as an artist.